Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing


Wire sawing is a method of saw-cutting that utilizes a braided cable impregnated with diamonds to cut concrete. The cable is strung around, or through (using core holes) the object to be cut, tensioned using a series of pulleys, and “pulled” across the surface. The wire saw unit draws up the slack in the cable using a cassette of pulleys inside the wire saw unit itself. The wire can be wrapped around a structure such as a column or beam, or a rectangular shape can be cut in any thickness of concrete if fed through core holes. The wire saw is an excellent tool where noise or vibrations from more traditional methods of saw-cutting and demolition are not permitted. Wire sawing allows the cutting of very large, thick or complicated structures using and endless loop of wire and a series of pulleys.

The method of wire sawing is a remote operated saw that has a cable with diamond grit. The cable is ran through core holes around the concrete structure. Tension is placed on the wire when the saw is operated allowing the cutting to take place. The wire can also be placed around a concrete structure such as a concrete column if where no core holes are necessary. There is no limit to the thickness of concrete the wire saw is able to cut through making if a very efficient process.

Benefits of Wire Sawing

  • Can be remotely operated for safety
  • Can be powered using 3 phase electricity
  • Water used in the process for dust control
  • No restrictions on thickness of concrete cuts
  • Most efficient method of modifying or dismantling mass reinforced concrete structures

Wire Sawing Applications

  • Cuts concrete over 25” thick that needs to be cut on both sides
  • Used for column removal
  • Able to perform under water cuts such as bridges and dams
  • Used to make foundation and structural modifications

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