Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition


Proven to save time and money, Maverick's robotic demolition units enable one person to complete the work of several, keeping people a safe distance from debris, and expediting the completion of a demolition project.


  • Goes where heavy machinery can't go - fits through a 3'x7' opening and traverses stairs easily
  • Uses crushing and breaking methods instead of conventional sawing, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs
  • Reaches more than any distance vertically
  • Operates silently with the use of the crusher attachment on projects that demand a quieter approach (ie. occupied buildings such as hospitals, schools, etc.)
  • Operates remotely for safety on the job site
  • Operates using on-site power or generator-no diesel or propane usage causing unnecessary emissions.
  • Has a variety of attachments- such as a hydraulic hammer, concrete crusher, excavation bucket, grapple, metal shears, and scarifier.


CONCRETE:  Breaks and crushes concrete (up to 6'-0" thick) including slabs, beams, columns, grade beams, poured walls, pile caps, and pre-cast panels.

MASONRY: Demos brick-and-block composite walls and all types of masonry walls (interior, exterior, and heavily reinforced).

SELECTIVE DEMOLITION: Performs drywall, clay tile, and large mechanical HVAC ductwork removal.

CONFINED SPACE EXCAVATION: Excavates in building interiors and other confined areas (new footings, footing underpinning, elevators, handicapped ramps, sump pits, tunnels, and more).

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